NursingVibes is a new online source of nursing information which aims to help nursing students and registered nurses in developing their knowledge, skills and attitude.

One of our main goals is to help you pass any examination that you will take in the future. From major examinations like the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam or National Council Licensure Exam(NCLEX-RN) to examinations from your own campus(quizzes, midterms, final exams); this website is helpful for you.

We collected sets of examination from a great number of registered nurses; and these practice exams were also used during their college days. We also provided the author of some exams posted in here if possible(Because there are some practice tests provided which don't have the name of the author).

Our mission is to help our fellow nurses and nursing students by providing adequate source of information by collating lectures and notes to further push the right knowledge, skills and attitudes from batch to batch. Every nurse has their own responsibility in helping their colleague grow professionally and this is one of our ways in helping you out.

Don't keep this website on your own. Share this website to your friends and colleagues. Let's help each other in passing every exam and any challenges that we will face in the upcoming years ahead.

- Nursing Vibes


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